Bellport United Methodist Church
Monday, May 27, 2024
He who abides in love, abides in God.




The mission of a church is to reach out to people in all walks of life, assist and support them in their spiritual growth, to nurture and strengthen them in their spiritual journey. A church helps people in many ways. The Bellport United Methodist Church does these things and more! The financial resources of the church is one of the ways in which we as a congregation make things happen.

One of God's special gifts to human beings is the invitation to share in God's own life and mission by being a steward. Wesley believed that God placed resources in our care to use as God sees fit; and God desires that all people have the necessities for a full and abundant life as beloved children of God. John Wesley considered stewardship as the Christian way of being in the world through community as the economy through which God works for life against death in the world. Economy is for Wesley at the heart of Christian discipleship.

~ Bishop Ken Carder.