Bellport United Methodist Church
Sunday, January 20, 2019
He who abides in love, abides in God.

Special Announcement



Pastor’s Spiritual Renewal (Growth) Leave

January 2018

Pastor Yuri will be taking a Spiritual Renewal (Growth) leave, starting February 1 until July 31. It is a long leave, which can be given to a pastor who has served full-time for six years, not necessarily in one particular congregation. During this time for spiritual and pastoral growth, Pastor Yuri will attend a retreat, take webinars and read books for care giving ministry and will be attending to her husband’s needs as a care giver.

In her absence, Rev. Penny Gadzini, who is an ordained United Methodist Pastor and Pastoral Counselor, will offer Sunday services, pastoral care and be the presence of a “Pastor” along with other clergy. She will try to attend some church meetings as well.  Additional information about Pastor Penny can be found here.

Pastor Yuri will continue to plan the worship services, work with our Staff Parish Committee, Worship team and lay servants. The Lay Leader of Saint Paul UMC, Northport, will come to speak in January about the positive things that happened to their congregation while their pastor was on a six month Spiritual Renewal (Growth) Leave.

Pastor Yuri will be available for questions or concerns you may have. She asks that you please keep her family in your prayers as she will also keep your families in her prayers.